The majority of students may be off campus during the summer months, but Wheaton is still a busy place. Along with summer research projects, new student orientation and campus tours, Wheaton offers three dynamic learning opportunities—Summer Session courses and the Social Entrepreneurship Launch Program, both for college students, and Discover@Wheaton Summer Seminars for High School Students.

Summer Session

Catch up or get ahead in your college coursework with Wheaton Summer Session.

These four-week summer courses offer full credit and cover everything from human anatomy and astronomy to U.S. history, logic and world religions. While the campus atmosphere may be more relaxed over the summer, these courses are fast-paced and challenging, giving students the opportunity to focus on one or two subjects rather than their usual full schedule. Registration opens in early spring.

Housing and meal plans are available to Summer Session students, as well as campus activities and off-campus excursions, such as a trip to Boston or to watch the Pawtucket Red Sox in action.

Social Entrepreneurship Launch Program

The SE Launch Program brings Wheaton students together for one week in January and one week in May to develop innovative, marketable solutions to some of society’s most pressing social problems.

Students have tackled issues such as bullying in schools, diversity in the arts and access to public transportation, working with expert entrepreneurs and advisors to fine-tune their business plans and develop their ideas.

The SE Launch Program is offered in partnership with the internationally recognized Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network and teaches students key methods and frameworks for entrepreneurial activity while asking them to consider the impact of their ideas on people, profit, planet and place.

Discover@Wheaton Summer Seminar

High school students who are looking to make the most of their summer (and make a difference in the world) can find their place at Discover@Wheaton Summer Seminar for High School Students. They’ll gain leadership and entrepreneurial skills and get an up-close early look at college life, in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

This intensive, week-long program is led by college President Dennis M. Hanno and Wheaton faculty and focuses on innovation and social change—guiding high school participants through the process of developing new business ideas and applying their visions to real-world issues.