Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Judy S. Purdy


B.A. University of Massachusetts, Psychology and Education
M.A. Columbia University, Education

Where did you grow up?

Seekonk, Massachusetts

What are your travel territories?

Texas, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Carolinas, Virginia, Vermont and Canada

What has been your most thrilling adventure?

Being on a small motorboat as a storm blew through and getting back to shore safely.

What was the best concert you have ever attended?

I saw The Who, before they were popular, in a small pub in Boston.

What is your favorite meal or dish to prepare?

I love preparing for a lobster bake.

What was the most memorable news story in your lifetime?

The assassination of JFK.

What is your favorite sport or game to play/watch?

My favorite sport to play is tennis and my favorite to watch is baseball, especially Boston Red Sox.

First album you purchased for yourself?

The Beatles.

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