Jiaan “Rufus” Chen


Art History

Business and Management

Activities at Wheaton
Event organizer for the ArtHive; Host of a talk and music show on Wheaton’s radio station, WCCS;

iGavel Auction House in New York City; Sotheby’s Auction House

Wheaton overseas program
Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

Rufus came to Wheaton after attending boarding school in China for six years. This experience prepared him for a successful transition to Wheaton, where he has had two very different living experiences. His first year, he lived in a triple with American roommates whom he described as “wonderful human beings.” Subsequently, he has lived in the Davis International House with students from around the world. He’s been an active member of the Wheaton community, and says that “opportunities in the arts at Wheaton are amazing!”

Rufus is spending his entire junior year attending the Sotheby Institute of Art in London, studying art and business. A recent project with some of his classmates involved developing an app with information about all of the museums in London, called Arts Cosmopolitan Everywhere (ACE). He is currently working with investors who are interested in supporting the app. In his free time he has visited other Wheaton students who are studying in London, as well as one of his friends from the Class of 2013 who is in graduate school there.

The experience in London has been very positive, but Rufus misses his Wheaton professors, especially his advisor Professor Touba Ghadessi. He appreciates the help he’s received from Wheaton faculty as he’s pursued internships and the study abroad opportunity in London. In addition, he credits the staff of Wheaton’s Filene Center for Career Services, particularly Meredith Pepin, who he calls “my angel” for helping him plan his future. He’s also taken advantage of a $3000 stipend from Wheaton which he used to support housing expenses while interning at an auction house in New York City.