Jorge Clemente de Leon Miranda


Major and minor(s) at Wheaton
Economics Major, Physics Minor

Year of Wheaton graduation

Activities at Wheaton
Latino American Association (LSA) and Asian American Coalition (AAC), intramural soccer

Why Wheaton
I chose Wheaton for the size, study abroad programs, location, financial aid for international students and the great number of academic, social and professional opportunities.

Adjusting to Wheaton
I adjusted to the social, cultural and academic environment easily with the support of my advisor, student mentors and friends. At first, it was challenging to take a course like English 101, but my teacher helped one-to-one and I learned many writing skills and improved my own writing methods.

Favorite professor
I really enjoyed my First Year Seminar, No Place Like Home, with Professor Karen McCormack in which we studied different sociological and anthropological concepts within the theme of home. I was immersed in class discussions, topic research, and written assignments which prepared me for other classes. What I like best of the academic program at Wheaton is that I can look at different courses to explore my personal interests even if they do not have to do with my major.

Wheaton people
I have met many new people at Wheaton, including international and American students. I have friends in every activity I have joined, including my classes, and we hang out in different social spaces at Wheaton such as the Loft, the Lyons Den or even the dining halls. Also, there are so many cool things to do in Boston such as visiting the Boston Common, the aquarium, Chinatown, historical centers, attending concerts, performances and sport events. There are many colleges around this area so it is easy to meet new people and make new friends.

Final thoughts
Wheaton offers many opportunities to explore your interests. I joined Paraiso Latino, a dancing group, and it is a wonderful experience as dancer and performer. I also took advantage of the summer job program and worked as camp counselor with ESL high school students from Asia. I learned so much from this experience in terms of cultural and global awareness, and shared what I know about American and Latin culture.

There are so many opportunities at Wheaton academically, socially, and in the arts and athletics. Wheaton encourages students to explore many personal interests and welcomes you to join the different families that make up our campus community. College is a life-changing experience and Wheaton is a great and unforgettable place.Jorge Miranda