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From Wheaton Parents: Challenges, Growth and Support

Posted on October 16, 2013

Our daughter, Sarah, is truly an international student -- with a Dad from the U.S. and a Mom from the Netherlands, where we now live. Sarah has studied in The Netherlands, Hong Kong the US and is now pursuing graduate school in London. I'm writing to share a few of the reasons that my wife and I so value the opportunities our daughter had at Wheaton.

There is tremendous value in waking up each morning with an agenda that you set for yourself. We watched Sarah grow under Wheaton's encouragement to set one's own agenda. For example, Wheaton was the first educational institution in the world to have an exchange program with the Kingdom of Bhutan, and Sarah was first in line to sign up. She filled the pioneer’s role, as well as the cultural gaps, like teaching a college-level English class and confronting Bhutanese students’ disbelief that plagiarism is unacceptable in academics. Then, with support from her Wheaton mentor, Professor Cody Murphy, Sarah expanded on a theme from a term paper to conduct original research on the generational gaps in traditional Bhutanese households. Her paper was published in the proceedings journal of the National Conference of Undergraduate Research and she presented her research in Utah. This example of initiative, supported by Wheaton, led to her success.

Many people go through their lives saying “I could have done that” instead of actually following through on their ideas. Sarah's college years were filled with opportunities, many of which would not have been possible without Wheaton's support. As parents, we are proud of what she accomplished and grateful for the dedication of Wheaton faculty and staff, whose guidance and encouragement contributed to an enriching four years.

We think Wheaton was a great choice for Sarah and we encourage you to consider it seriously with your son or daughter.

- Peter Collins, Wheaton parent

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