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Tweet for Wheaton

Posted on March 21, 2013

This week, high school seniors are experiencing excitement and tremulation as college acceptance letters arrive in their inboxes and mailboxes. Some of these students may feel uncertain in making their final college choice. In order to encourage our accepted students to choose Wheaton, we want to make sure they have as much information as possible.

That’s why we have developed a campaign through which the Wheaton community can use Twitter to encourage newly accepted students to enroll. Using the hashtag #WhyWheaton, we’re enlisting people to take a few minutes (and up to 140 characters) to share their experiences at Wheaton.

Following are some examples of tweets:

My professors got to know me, and worked with me to create my own major, bridging philosophy, physics and sociology. #WhyWheaton

The Center for Global Education helped me find the perfect study abroad program in Australia to extend my college experience. #WhyWheaton

Wheaton's Academic Advising deans coached me in college, but also for my time after college as a Fulbright Scholar to Estonia. #WhyWheaton

At Wheaton, I explored everything, from varsity track to jazz band, from student government to researching Jupiter's icy moons. #WhyWheaton

John Collins' physics class. We built a water balloon slingshot to shoot over the soccer field, all in the name of physics. #WhyWheaton

We’re asking that folks post their tweet(s) anytime between March 20 and March 25. Thank you for your support!

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