Wheaton College’s liberal arts education provides an excellent foundation for a career in law or politics. Many Wheaton students are interested in pursuing a law degree after graduation and start thinking about applying while an undergraduate. The college offers students ample academic and advising resources.

Considering Law School

As a Wheaton College student, your first stop in considering law school can be to meet with the Pre-Law Advisor (advising@wheatoncollege.edu).

Wheaton’s Pre-Law Advisor can talk with you to decide whether you want to apply to law school and pursue a career in law as well as provide you with resources for selecting law schools, studying for the LSATs and on every aspect of the application process.

Talk to the Pre-Law Advisor about local and campus events for pre-law students as well as clubs on campus.

Academic Preparation at Wheaton

Although a bachelor’s degree is required for law school, there is no particular major that is required or recommended. Pre-law students will not be at a disadvantage when applying to law school based on any major and should choose their major based on academic interest and abilities. Political science, history, English, philosophy and business are consistently among the most popular undergraduate majors for law students, but many law students have backgrounds in fields such as mathematics, biology or computer science.

Although there is no required pre-law major, law schools do look for students who have demonstrated an interest in law – in or out of the classroom – and challenged themselves academically and intellectually. Wheaton’s liberal arts education is well-tailored to helping students develop the skills necessary for success in law school including, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication and reading comprehension.

If students are interested in learning more about law, the legal process and judicial system while at Wheaton they can complete the Legal Studies minor. The Legal studies minor includes courses from both the philosophy and political science departments.

Aside from any particular course of study, undergraduate students should focus on academic success. The two factors that are most valued in the competitive law school application process are an applicant’s LSAT score and undergraduate GPA. Pre-law students with a strong GPA will be in the best position when they start to apply to law schools. Wheaton’s Pre-Law Advisor (advising@wheatoncollege.edu) can help students choose the optimal strategy for them when taking the LSAT.