For many professional medical careers, advanced graduate studies are required. Students often have flexibility in choosing their undergraduate major, before graduate school. However, a valuable and important part of best preparing yourself for future studies includes aligning your courses along specific academic pathways, most suitable to your career intentions. As such, Wheaton College offers dedicated advising to prepare students interested in pursuing professional pathways in the health sciences.

Wheaton supports eight health career pathways:

  • Pre-medical – Medical School (Allopathic (MD) and Osteopathic (DO))
  • Pre-PA – Physician Assistant (PA)
  • Pre-dental – Dental School
  • Pre-optometry – Optometry (OD)
  • Pre-OT – Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Pre-pharmacy – Pharmacy (PharmD)
  • Pre-PT – Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Pre-veterinary – Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Working with a dedicated Pre-Health Faculty Advisor, students interested in pre-health can expect individualized curricular sequencing guidance, career advice and coaching, and pre-application support for graduate and medical schools. Pre-health career students can also access a wide array of internship and shadowing opportunities that are regularly shared by the Pre-Health Faculty Advisor.

Students applying to pre-health graduate programs receive graduate school selection guidance and support, personal statement guidance, interview preparation, feedback on application materials, and testing guidance and testing preparation for GRE/MCAT/DAT/PCAT.

Medical school applicants are supported at Wheaton College through the Pre-Health Advisor and the work of an interdisciplinary committee of staff and faculty.

Wheaton College’s Pre-Health Advisor is Hilary Gaudet, Ph.D..

 Pre-Health Curricular Path Guidelines

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