The M.A. in Religion dual-degree program with Andover-Newton Theological School prepares students for careers in religion. It permits the completion of requirements for the bachelor of arts degree from Wheaton and the master of arts degree in religion from Andover-Newton in five years. The degrees are awarded simultaneously. Students ordinarily attend Wheaton for seven semesters and spend three semesters at Andover-Newton. Areas of concentration for the program are:

  • Bible
  • World Religions
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religion and Society
  • Religion and the Arts
  • History of Christian Thought

It is possible for students to complete teacher certification requirements in secondary education in the field of religion during the semesters spent at Andover-Newton Theological School or to earn advanced standing toward the degree of master of divinity.

Students should consult the coordinator early in the second semester of their sophomore year.

Coordinator:  Barbara Darling