The Doctor of Optometry dual-degree program with The New England College of Optometry will permit prepared and motivated Wheaton students with the professional goal of a doctor of optometry degree to complete the Wheaton bachelor of arts degree and The New England College of Optometry doctorate in seven years. Wheaton students who gain acceptance to this program will apply to the New England College of Optometry during their junior year. If they have demonstrated superior achievement in both the Wheaton curriculum and the optometry standardized tests, they may begin studies at The New England College of Optometry in the fourth year, after completing three years of Wheaton’s liberal arts curriculum, normally as a biology major. The fourth year, at The New England College of Optometry, will provide the credits needed for the student to earn the Wheaton A.B. at the same time as he or she begins doctoral study.

This program is designed for the academically outstanding student who has a strong and realistic motivation toward the optometric profession. Successful applicants will be superior high school students, especially in math and science, with acceptable SAT scores. Applicants will be interviewed by representatives of both Wheaton College and The New England College of Optometry; it is expected that most candidates for this program will identify themselves at the time of their admission to Wheaton or within the first semester.

Coordinator: Professor Rolf Nelson