For Engineering, Wheaton has an agreement with the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

Entrance requirements vary between the institutions and with individual fields of study, and interested students must work closely with the coordinator throughout their years at Wheaton in order to ensure their eligibility for admission into the programs. No particular academic program is prescribed, but a student’s three-year program should include at least two courses in English (including writing courses), six courses in the humanities and social sciences, four to six courses in mathematics, two to six courses in physics and one course in computer programming. Courses in biology, chemistry or economics are also expected for some programs.

Acceptance into a dual-degree program is dependent upon the strength of the student’s three-year academic record at Wheaton, the degree to which the student has completed appropriate course requirements for the proposed field of study, and perceived abilities and promise for the successful completion of such a program. Wheaton students must complete three years in residence at Wheaton.

Coordinator: Professor John Collins