The Wheaton Curriculum invites students to explore a broad range of topics, and to choose a large proportion of courses based entirely on where their interests lead. Electives represent an opportunity to take risks—taking two of these self-chosen courses for “Pass” credit (students earn a “Pass” with C work or better). Students might even want to pursue one or more of these self-chosen courses through an additional Connection.

Additional courses in astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, geology or physics can empower an alert observer of the natural world and an informed participant in important changes happening in science and technology. Courses in the arts—music, theatre, dance, creative writing, visual art and history of art—can offer lifelong pleasure in artistic performance and expression. Courses in anthropology, classics or history will help put contemporary events and modern cultures into perspective. Courses in economics, psychology, political science or sociology will provide a foundation for understanding how individuals and groups function and interact. Additional courses in philosophy or mathematics will strengthen the ability to analyze problems, while advanced foreign language study will enrich understanding of others and provide a valuable tool for communicating with them.