WHALE Lab (Science Center 1340)

WHALE Lab (Summer 2012)

The Wheaton Autonomous Learning Lab is chock-full of robots, computers, tools, and spaces to work on projects. Students, staff, and faculty work on artificial intelligence research projects and make. Students that learn to use the equipment safely have access to this space or can use the space with student mentors.

FiberSpace (Science Center 233)

Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes
We are in the midst of setting up a space for fiber and textiles. Yarn, conductive thread, sewing machines, programmable embroidery machines, etc. will populate a space where making fuses the fiber arts and technology. Come help us build Wheaton’s contribution to the Crochet Coral Reef project.

iLab (Science Center 1348)

Start of a Beowulf Cluster

The iLab is dedicated space for students to experiment, build, break, and reconfigure older equipment. Among rack-mounted machines, spare parts, and countless cables, we have 15 Dell machines that we are planning to build into a Beowulf-style cluster. Come help us turn this collection of machines into a usable computing cluster. We also have a half-dozen Apple PowerMac G5s that are beautiful cases for modern internal hardware waiting to be disassembled. Students have 24-hour access to this space and equipment.

csLab (Science Center 1315)


The csLab has 12 System76 machines that dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 (for work of all kinds) and Windows 7 (for games of all kinds). In addition, there is a server hosting user accounts and directories. The space is available for students in CS courses and those affiliated with the WHALE Makerspace to use 24-hours a day (when classes/labs are not using the room).

Machine Shop (Science Center 258)

The Machine Shop has a variety of more powerful tools for fabricating and modifying materials. For example, we have a milling machine, a drill press, and a lathe. In addition to another set of hand tools, this space opens up a world of possibilities for what you can do and make. Check with us about coming to a safety training workshop on the machine shop equipment.