HATCH (Humanities, Arts and Technology Creative Hub), located in Meneely 201, is Wheaton’s primary multimedia space. Here students, faculty and staff experiment with art, technology and making using devices such as the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset or cutting edge Tobii eye tracking technology.

Classes from all disciplines make use of the space, particularly those in the humanities as they bridge the gap between traditional and newer methods of study.

HATCH is also equipped with two 85″ LED monitors and a high performance computer desktop. Adjacent to this space is the Film and Video Edit Lab which houses several iMacs with the full power of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Math and computer science major Xinru Liu works with a pair of Tobii eye-tracking glasses. She spent a semester, on her own, learning how it works—and developing an instruction manual to make it more accessible to other students.
Liu working with classmate Dmitri Korin to track eye movement playing a piano with a pair of Tobii eye-tracking glasses.