SIG awards support team-based collaborative projects undertaken by a team consisting of:

  • at least two faculty members from different departments
  • at least two students who major, minor or have a demonstrated interest or proficiency in fields relating to either to (a) one or more faculty members’ area of specialization, or (b) the focus of the proposed project.

SIGs may be undertaken during the academic year or the summer.

Projects completed during the academic year will receive $5,000: $4,000 in faculty stipends and $1,000 for equipment costs. SIG projects should be of a scope and duration that would allow student participants to earn an academic credit in the form of an independent study sponsored by one of the SIG faculty members.

Summer projects will receive up to $10,000: $4,000 in faculty stipends, $1,000 for equipment costs, and up to $5,000 for student housing expenses.

SIG teams will digitally document the process of their project from conceptualization to completion, and will contribute that documentation to the IMAGINE digital archives. At the end of the project, SIG members will facilitate at least one open training session based on aspects of their project.