InterMedia Arts Group Innovation Network

The IMAGINE project provides opportunities for integrating technology into the arts at Wheaton, with a network of high-tech and traditional creative hubs across campus and opportunities for student-faculty collaboration.

IMAGINE @ Wheaton College (MA) from IMAGINE at Wheaton College on Vimeo.

Opportunities for Students and Faculty

IMAGINE also provides funding for course development and student/faculty collaboration across the arts and sciences:

  • Makerspace Mobile Museum Submission Form: opportunity for students to display projects made in an IMAGINE network facility around the Wheaton campus
    Note: To access this Google Form, you’ll need to provide your Wheaton wID and email password.

Makerspace Lab 213 Open Hours (Fall 2019)

Mondays 1-6pm
Tuesdays 1-5pm
Thursday 1-4pm
Fridays 3-5pm
Saturdays 12-2pm

Get in touch with IMAGINE

Email the current IMAGINE Project Managers at: