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Inclusive Pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning

“Inclusive pedagogy is an approach to teaching that aims to make learning as accessible and welcoming to all students as possible.”

—Catherine Shea Sanger

Catherine Shea Sanger’s Publication, “Inclusive Pedagogy and Universal Design Approaches for Diverse Learning Environments” (pdf)

Dr Lillian Nave’s Wheaton Workshop, “What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)? And Why Do We Need It Right Now?” (video)


Equity-Minded Practice

“As much as syllabus review is about creating more equity-minded syllabi, it is also about critically and systematically reflecting on your teaching, as well as learning how to make inquiry a key, routine aspect of your practice.”

—Center for Urban Education, University of Southern California

CUE’s Syllabus Review Guide for Equity-Minded Practice (pdf)


Learning-Focused Pedagogy

“Reconceiving your courses from the ground up takes time and energy that most of us have in short supply in the middle of the semester, and that we usually expend on our research during the semester breaks. My reflections on this dilemma led me to consider whether I should incorporate into my workshops more activities that instructors could turn around and use in their classrooms the next morning or the next week without an extensive overhaul of their teaching – the pedagogical equivalents, in other words of small ball. … This newfound conviction ultimately gave rise to the notion of small teaching, an approach that seeks to spark positive change in higher education through small but powerful modifications to our course design and teaching practices.”

—James Lang, Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning

Read the ebook by James Lang:

Small Teaching : Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning

Watch the video about small teaching at Wheaton:

Small Teaching at Wheaton College MA (video)