The College supports the faculty and its research by various internally funded means. Some summer awards are made available to faculty members individually: Arnold Awards and Provost Awards; Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Curriculum Research Awards and Summer Faculty Scholarship Grants. Other awards support the work of faculty and students in collaborative projects: Mars, Clemence, and Hood Awards; Andrew W. Mellon Summer Faculty/Student Research Awards.

The process is competitive. All applications will be evaluated by the Committee on Faculty Scholarship and Promotions, and should be submitted to the Provost’s Office. Faculty may apply for any of the above grants by means of a single, uniform application. Further announcements concerning the nature, availability, and requirements for these awards, and the timeline for submission and notification, will be made as necessary through the Provost’s Office.

General Research Application Form

Supplemental Faculty Scholarship Funds

Uniform Summer Research Application

Recently Funded Faculty/Student Research Projects

A list of recent award recipients is being compiled and will be posted here soon.

Summer Course Transformation Awards