The Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) shall consist of the Dean of Academic Advising and Co-Curricular Learning, an Associate Dean of Studies, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, three members of the teaching faculty, and two students (non-voting) selected from nominations submitted by the Educational Council.  The Committee shall be chaired by a dean from the Academic Advising Center.


  • Dean of Academic Advising and Co-Curricular Learning
  • Associate Dean of Studies
  • Dean of Students
  • Registrar
  • Two students (non-voting)
  • Alireza Shomali (2020)
  • Tripp Evans (2019)*
    *replaced by Clinton O’Dell Fall 2017
  • Scott Shumway (2019)

For Faculty Legislation regulating this committee, for the charge to it, and for its general practices, please visit the site for the Committee on Committees and Agendaand consult the relevant portions.

CAS Annual Reports