Each major shall require an appropriate capstone experience. (Faculty Legislation Part Two, X.E.10.)

Discussion of college-wide learning objectives/outcomes for the capstone and the challenges the requirement poses for different majors and programs. (November 11, 2010; March 24, 2011; March 31, 2011 Ed Pol Minutes, 2009-2010 Ed Pol Annual Report)

Collect information on the different forms the Capstone takes, and on the definition of shared learning outcomes at the level of the major and as a general Wheaton Curriculum requirement.  The Educational Policy Committee sees a need to re-examine the ways in which the college supports the different forms of the Capstone Experience across single and multi-disciplinary programs of all different sizes.  (April 15, 2010 Ed Pol Minutes, Ed Pol Annual Report 2009-2010,)