One course that engages the cultures of or issues pertaining to a country, people or regions historically excluded from the mainstream experience of Western Europe, the United States and Canada or neglected by Western Scholarship. (Faculty Legislation link Part Two, X. E.6.e)

Beyond the West Guidelines (pdf)
(Approved at May 6, 2011 faculty meeting)

Course proposals should include a syllabus and a brief rationale (especially if the relevance of the course to this requirement is not obvious from the syllabus).  Since this requirement is part of the curriculum’s Foundations section, these courses should be accessible to first and second year students.  Proposals for Beyond the West courses should be submitted to the Educational Policy Committee.

  • Educational Policy Committee discussion of Beyond the West Guidelines (September 9, 2010; October 14, 2010; February 24, 2011; March 11, 2011; April 1, 2011 Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Former Non-Western (NW) and Cultural Diversity (CD) designations will not automatically translate to a Beyond the West (BW) designation under the Wheaton curriculum. (April 26, 2004 Ed Pol Minutes)
  •  BW may be taken at another college or overseas, subject to the appropriate department chair or program coordinator approval. (Ed Pol Annual Report 2004-2005)