The Committee on Faculty Scholarship and Promotions (CFSP) shall consist of three teaching members of the faculty holding the rank of full professor.

On matters dealing with faculty scholarship, they shall be joined by the Provost (or the Associate Provost as her/his designee).

On matters relating to promotions, they shall be joined by the Provost and the President of the College. Any member of the Committee who is a teaching member of the department of the candidate being considered for promotion, who is a member of the candidate’s immediate family, or who is disqualified from serving for any other reason shall be replaced by a qualified person selected by the Committee on Committees and Agenda from the Faculty Scholarship and Promotions Committee Reserve Members Group.


  • President (for Promotions)
  • Provost (for Promotions)
  • Provost or Associate Provost (Faculty Scholarship)
  • Michael Kahn (2020)
  • Vicki Bartolini (2021)
  • Jonathan Walsh (2019)

For Faculty Legislation regulating this committee, for the charge to it, and for its general practices, please visit the page for the Committee on Committees and Agenda and consult the relevant portions.

Annual Committee Reports