In adopting the new curriculum, the faculty specified that key elements of the curriculum would be evaluated at the College level and within individual departments and majors.  (December 7, 2001)

Assessment of student learning is the responsibility of the Educational Policy Committee, mostly through the Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee.  The College is in the early stages of developing learning objectives for students.

The Committee will also continue in 2011-2012 with its review of goals and outcomes for the capstone requirement (using data collected by Professor Claire Buck and reports from course transformation awardees as a start), and other curricular assessment issues as requested by NECHE (New England Commission of Higher Education).  (Ed Pol Annual Report 2010-2011)

Data Collection

The Educational Policy Committee will review data reports on aspects of the curriculum generated by the Registrar’s Office.

Data reports will be reviewed by the Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee and discussed with faculty whose responsibilities lie in that particular area of the curriculum.  Discussion of the data will help ensure consistent and regular attention to the general education curriculum.

Data reports will be available annually as follows:

Connections – October
Natural Science Requirement – December
Foreign Languages — March

(June 1, 2010 Ed Pol Minutes, 2009-2010 Ed Pol Annual Report)

The Chair of the Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee met with the Educational Policy Committee to discuss the next steps for curriculum evaluation, and it was agreed that the Subcommittee should work with the Provost’s Office, the Committee, and the faculty to design a five-year evaluation plan. The Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee has worked toward that end over the past four years.   (Ed Pol Annual Report 2009-2010)

In many areas, but especially student learning, the challenge will be to identify outcomes and expectations in ways that are amenable to assessment and then to design assessment methods that lead to a better understanding of why programs are or are not working effectively and how they could be improved. (NECHE Reaccreditation Report, December 9, 2009)

At the suggestion of the Curriculum Evaluation Sub-Committee, the Committee introduced a new practice of reviewing Banner data reports on the curriculum. (Ed Pol Annual Report 2009-2010)

The Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing will provide data on how many entering students indicated Connections as a reason for coming to Wheaton.  Admission staff will code these students in Banner. (April 2, 2009 Ed Pol Minutes)

Educational Policy Committee agreed to set a benchmark for the Wheaton NSSE data relative to a NSSE comparison group.  (2008-2009 Ed Pol Annual Report)

Educational Policy Committee requested data related to how contact hours are counted across departments at the college.  These data need to be reviewed by the Committee.  (2008-2009 Ed Pol Annual Report)

The Chair of Educational Policy Committee has requested reports from all relevant subcommittees and committees and those reports will be reviewed to compile a report on the curriculum for review by the Committee during the fall 2006-2007. Educational Policy Committee expects to share the evaluations and any recommended changes with faculty during late fall 2007 and spring 2008.  The Committee expects this report to form a major part of our Accreditation review process.  (2006-2007 Ed Pol Annual Report)