Three tenured members of the faculty, none of whom shall currently be, or during the previous year have been, an administrative officer, a member of the Committee on Tenure, a member of the Committee on Faculty Scholarship and Promotions, or a member of the Advisory Committee.  One member shall normally be chosen from each of the three academic divisions established by the Committee on Committees and Agenda (i.e. sciences and mathematics; social sciences; humanities), and, at all times, at least one woman and at least one man shall be members.


  • Talitha Espiritu (2019)
  • Gerry Huiskamp (2020)
  • Bill Bloch (2021)

For Faculty Legislation regulating this committee, for the charge to it, and for its general practices, please visit the page for the Committee on Committees and Agenda and consult the relevant portions.

Annual Committee Reports