Three tenured and two non-tenured members of the teaching faculty. The three tenured members, representing the three academic divisions, will serve staggered three-year terms.  The two non-tenured members, each representing a different division, will serve two-year terms.  An untenured faculty member who receives tenure while serving on the Committee shall nevertheless serve out his or her term in the untenured slot.


  • Thandi Buthelezi (2019)
  • Dipankar Maitra (2 year term) (2019)
  • John Partridge (2020)
  • Karen McCormack (2020)
  • Jade Werner (2020)

For Faculty Legislation regulating this committee, for the charge to it, and for its general practices, please visit the page for the Committee on Committees and Agenda and consult the relevant portions.

Annual Committee Reports