Transfer Credit

Students who wish to obtain Hispanic Studies credit for off-campus language courses will need to obtain approval from the Chair of the Department before enrolling in a course.

The following criteria are specific to obtaining Hispanic Studies credit for off-campus language courses:

  1. If you have taken Spanish before, you must take the placement exam to determine the appropriate level course. The exam may be taken on-line through OnCourse (contact Peter Kirlew (, x3927 if you have questions). Please note that students who have taken Spanish in high school may NOT register for any Spanish course for Wheaton credit, whether at Wheaton or elsewhere before taking the WebCape Placement Test. An appropriate level of study will be determined by the placement test and the faculty.
  2. Once you have identified an appropriate course, please keep in mind the following criteria:
    • The course must be at an accredited institution.
    • The course must be at the appropriate level as determined by the results of the placement test.
    • The course must meet a minimum of 39 class hours to receive credit.
    • The course must meet for a minimum duration of 4 weeks (i.e. no credit can be given for courses that are less than four weeks long).
    • You must obtain at least a C in the course to obtain credit.

Please complete the Transfer Credit Form, and make an appointment with the Coordinator of Hispanic Studies Program to complete the transfer process.

More information about the Transfer Credit process can be found on the Course Catalog.