Environment Listserv

Wheaton’s Environmental Mailing List


ENVIRONMENT is a mailing list designed for the discussion of environmental issues, the dissemination of information about the environment including job opportunities, internships, graduate school programs, and activities on the Wheaton College campus. It is also a format for communication among students and between professors and students about environmental issues related to course material or happening in the outside world.

What can be posted to ENVIRONMENT?
Questions, comments, or notices about anything having to do with the environment can be posted. Possibilities might include current happenings in Environment Club, summer classes at tropical marine labs, questions about the environment, requests for volunteers to help with student research projects, or summer job ads. Anyone subscribed to the list may post messages to the list. We recommend that you do not send attachments to the list.

Who can subscribe to ENVIRONMENT?

Anyone who has a Wheaton College e-mail account may subscribe to the ENVIRONMENT mailing list.

Wheaton alums may contact Scott Shumway about subscribing from a non-Wheaton email account.

How can you subscribe to ENVIRONMENT?

Send a blank e-mail message to environment+subscribe@wheatoncollege.edu.You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete the subscription. Once you are on the list you can remove yourself by sending a blank email message to environment+unsubscribe@wheatoncollege.edu.

How can you send a message to ENVIRONMENT?

Once you are subscribed, send an e-mail message to environment@wheatoncollege.edu.

This message will be sent to everyone on the list (except you).

If you have any questions about ENVIRONMENT send them to support@wheatoncollege.edu, or to the mailing list owner shumway_scott@wheatoncollege.edu.