Getting Started with Internships

Interested in a January or Summer Internship?

Students minoring in Development Studies have had internships in a wide variety of settings, including the following:)

Development Studies minors gain valuable hands-on experience putting what they have learned in the classroom to work. A January or summer internship can provide on the job experience, a network of career contacts, and guidance towards a path you might want to take after graduation. If you are thinking about applying for an internship here are some ways to get started:

Think About

  • Time-frame: when and for how long
  • Location: Domestic (close to home or anywhere) or overseas (where)
  • Type of Job Exploration: for example, museum, medical, education, software development, advertising, legal, financial, journalism
  • Paid or can you take an unpaid internship?
  • Do I need to apply for funding?

Get Ready to do some Research

  • Check out some of the internship databases available from the Filene Center:
  • Make an appointment with a member of the Filene Center Career Services Staff to discuss your interests and get some ideas
  • Attend on-campus information sessions such as the Job/Internship Fair,  workshops sponsored by the Filene Center, Alumni/ae panels
  • Check out funding opportunities Development Studies students have received funding for internships from The Davis Foundation, Projects for Peace, The Wheaton Fellows, and have also used their Merit Scholarships for summer internships
  • Assess the skills and talents that you could bring to an internship.
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter
  • Identify faculty and staff who can serve as references and ask if you can list them on your resume
  • Prepare for an interview