Equality, Diversity and Social Responsibility

Governments, media, and society at large increasingly hold organizations accountable for the social consequences of their activities. “Diversity is good for business” is a mantra often heard in the business world. In addition, “Equality means business” initiatives have been developing globally to empower women to be engaged in their local economies. Economic, ethnic, gender, and racial equality requires social change, progress, and action. In the 21st century, many businesses are expected to contribute to societal equality through hiring practices, retention practices, and treatment of employees. Many businesses consider social justice and equality not only in hiring and retaining employees, but also in terms of how businesses can contribute and support their employees in creating a more just and equal society. Students with this concentration will better understand how business practices, goals, and priorities can support societal equality and how businesses can become socially responsible entities in their communities. This concentration will also help students to understand that organizations are not pitted against society, but that both are clearly interrelated/interdependent.