In addition, the Business and Management major includes five areas of concentration from which students will choose an area of focus to deepen their insights and pursue individual interests more closely. The five concentrations are:

  • equality, diversity and social responsibility;
  • policy, non-profits and the arts;
  • globalization and development;
  • society and the environment; and
  • analytics and new media.

Springing from Wheaton’s Connections curriculum and in order to allow majors to apply their study of business to important liberal arts and sciences themes, all business majors must choose one concentration, consisting of at least three courses. In addition, recognizing the global nature of business, management, and the non-profit world, all students are strongly encouraged to pursue the study of a culture other than their own, including language courses to at least the intermediate level. In some concentrations, there may be a particular course that is “highly recommended.” ┬áIn most of the concentrations, students may propose a substitute course for one of the electives; such a request must be approved in advance to the advisor. Students can create their own Concentration by proposing a rationale in writing.

These concentrations offer business majors an area of emphasis; they are not meant to supplant second majors or minors. In fact, business majors will be encouraged to consider a second major or minor to deepen their understanding of another field.

The courses included in the concentrations are suggested offerings that should help with conceptualizing each concentration. They will be reviewed every year as courses are eliminated or added. It is important to note that such courses already offered in the Wheaton curriculum are not expected to be revised into “business courses.” Rather, they are important ways to embed the study of business into the larger curriculum.