The collections of the Wallace Library are varied and unique. We strive to provide resources that support current coursework and research, as well as anticipated future needs. With new formats, new technologies, and changes in access, we focus on selecting materials that are scholarly, authoritative and timely to sustain the curricular needs of our connected and foundational courses.

Wallace Library’s collection development policy is under revision. If you have questions about our collection development policy, please contact Lauren Slingluff, Associate Dean of Library Services.

Collection Development Policy (pdf)



The main book collection of Wallace Library (Library of Congress classification A to M and P to Z) is located in the Stacks Level. Art books (classification N) are located on the first and second mezzanines of the Atrium and in the Clark Room on the level between the two mezzanines.

To save space, oversize books are shelved in separate stack areas and marked Quarto, Folio and Oversize Folio. Quartos and Folios and Oversize Folios are in the second room of the Underground Stacks, following the main A to M and P to Z section. Oversize art books are on an intermediate level between the two mezzanines of the Atrium.

Also browse the New Books and Faculty in Print as you enter the Library Atrium.

Books are listed in HELIN, Wallace Library’s online catalog.

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection and Reading Room houses the primarily print collection of up-to-date scholarly resources. These resources include general and subject specific encyclopedias and dictionaries, atlases, directories, statutes, statistics, bibliographies, indexes and abstracts.

Reference resources are listed in HELIN. However, students are encouraged to ask librarians for guidance in selecting and using both print and Electronic Resources.

Periodicals, Newspapers, & Microform

  • Periodicals
    Wallace Library’s collection of approximately 200 print periodical titles from 2000 to the present are shelved on the Current Periodicals Level (one flight down from the Main Level). As you enter this level from the stair tower, the current issues are on your right in the Browsing Area, arranged in a single A to Z alphabet by title. Periodical issues for the years 1900 to 1999 are housed in the compact shelving which is on the left hand side in the Stacks level. These periodicals also are arranged in a single alphabet for all titles. One exception is for oversize periodicals, which are located in a separate section after the Z’s. A frequently used title, Life, is shelved in this section, so be sure to notice the location designation Oversize Periodical in JournalFinder or HELIN.Pre-1900 periodical issues and issues in poor condition have been relocated to a closed storage area, designated in HELIN as Periodical Closed Storage. These issues can be accessed by contacting the Serials Department staff. More information is available for the constantly expanding collections of full text Electronic Journals.
  • Newspapers
    The Library subscribes to 8 print newspapers. All issues are shelved on the Periodicals Level. Most newspapers are kept for 3 months before being discarded. All periodicals and newspapers are listed by title in HELIN and JournalFinder.
  • Microforms
    The Microform Room is located on the Periodicals Level of the Library. The largest portion of this collection is retrospective issues of periodical and newspaper subscriptions. In addition to subscription titles, the Library has a limited number of significant monographs and monographic collections on microfilm and microfiche. Titles of interest include the Gerritsen Collection of Women’s History, 1543-1945, comprised of American, British and other English language monographs and periodicals; and British Trials, 1660-1900. Titles in the Microform Collection are listed in HELIN.

Audiovisual Materials

Music CDs and cassette tapes represent the growing collections supporting the music curriculum and may be requested at the Circulation Desk for use within the Library.

Films, CDs and tapes are listed in HELIN.

Music Scores

  • Circulating Music Scores
    The circulating collection of music scores includes standard early music, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Neo-classical compositions. Twentieth century scores include experimental forms, chance compositions, music in graphic notation and instructions for musique concrete. Also featured are musicals, operas, ethnic music and hymnals.
    The circulating music scores are located on the Stacks level opposite the Music Seminar Room. The collection is fully cataloged and listed in HELIN.
  • Non-circulating Music scores
    The Library has standing orders for complete works of selected composers, including Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mozart and Schoenberg. A portion of these works are in Urtext editions. Distinguished historical series also are collected, including Denkmaler, Nagels Musik-Archiv, Recent Researches, Hortus Musicus, Monuments of Renaissance Music, Music Britannica and Early Polish Music. The non-circulating music scores are located in the Music Seminar Room on the Stacks level. The collection is fully cataloged and listed in HELIN.

Education Curriculum Collection

The Education Curriculum Collection is located at the end of the Compact Shelving along the left wall of the first room of the Stacks level.

The collection is comprised of books, textbooks, teaching and curriculum guides, educational kits and other materials designed for use within the classroom.

The Education Curriculum Library is fully cataloged in HELIN.

  • Interactive Multimedia
    Both the Wallace Library and the Kollett Academic Computing Center provide access to interactive multimedia, primarily in compact disc format. Titles available include: Adam, the Inside Story, an exploration of human anatomy; Her Heritage, an introduction to over 1000 influential American women; American Sign Language Dictionary, multilingual and using slow motion and zoom in technology to illustrate hand and finger gestures; Maus, Art Spiegelman’s cartoon vision of the Holocaust; Antonin Dvorak Symphony no. 9 in E Minor, the New World Symphony and a recreation of the American journey that inspired the composition.All interactive multimedia titles are listed in HELIN.
  • Faculty in Print
    The Library maintains a collection of publications by members of the Wheaton College faculty. These titles are on continuous display as you enter the Library Atrium. Second copies of these titles are available in the Stacks and may be checked out by authorized borrowers.
    The Wheaton Collection, maintained in the Archives Reading Room, is the most complete representation of publications by past and present faculty, staff and alumni. Faculty in Print titles are listed in HELIN.


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