Wheaton College is committed to the confidentiality and security of records and information.

Why is Information Security important?

Information security protects the college and individuals against security breaches and identity theft. It is important to protect information in order to ensure the continuation of daily business processes.

What is Confidential Information?

Confidential information can be in any format including paper, electronic, and email and on any type of hardware (computers, phones, and other portable devices). Any one of the following is considered confidential information:

  • Personal Information (pdf)
    • Social Security number
    • Drivers License number
    • State/Federal ID card number
    • Passport number
    • Financial account numbers (checking, savings, brokerage, CD…)
    • Credit Card number
    • Date of birth

What can I do to protect my information and records?

Take some tutorials and view some presentations

Tips for protecting records and information at work and away from work:

  • Lock file cabinets, desk drawers, and offices when no one is present.
  • Shut computers off when not in use so that they cannot be accessed casually.
  • Guard the display of information so that it cannot be viewed casually.
  • Maintain the security of information in electronic form or physical form when it is not on campus due to working at home or transporting to and from work.
  • Destroy records (both paper and electronic) in a confidential manner.

What are the Federal and State Security and Confidentiality Laws and Regulations?

If you suspect an information security breach: contact Technology Support (x3900)