In addition to helping you find materials for your projects, the library can help you find effective workflows for managing your research.

Really simple syndication (RSS) is a great way to automatically receive new material as it is produced/published. Originally designed as a way to syndicate blog postings, many library databases now offer RSS as a clip-service tool, alerting you when new material is available on a topic. Many publishers also use RSS to let you know when new journal issues are published, or when new articles are posted to a webpage. This page helps you with the mechanics of setting up an RSS reader and directs you to some good academic sources of RSS feeds.

Citing Your Research – Citation Formats
When you’re ready to write your paper or create your project, it’s crucial that you correctly cite all of the research that has contributed to your original work. There are a number of different formats for correctly listing your citations in-text and as a works cited (MLA, Chicago, APA, etc). The library provides resources to help you with these different citation styles. Research Librarians can also help you figure out correct citation formatting.

Citing Your Research –¬†Citation Management Software
Once you’ve begun to gather large numbers of citations as you research, you may quickly see the value in some sort of automated way to organize and format them correctly. The college supports two tools that can be a big help as you collect citations, RefWorks and Zotero. They are especially worth exploring before beginning a major research project.

Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses–check out our Citation Management subject guide for more information. Feel free to try either or both on your own and see which you prefer. If you need more help or if you would like a training overview, just contact a¬†Research Librarian.