Library Catalog

To find books, simply search the Library Catalog:

Limit to

The difference between the three search options/limits above is as follows:

  • Wheaton College: Only books and e-books available at Wheaton will be shown.
  • HELIN Libraries: Wheaton is a member of the HELIN library consortium. (HELIN stands for Higher Education Library Information Network.) HELIN includes several other academic libraries, all in Rhode Island, which all share resources with Wheaton. If you find a book that Wheaton does not own at one of the other libraries, you can easily request it through the “place hold” function in the catalog, and it will be sent to Wheaton within a few business days.
  • Libraries Worldwide: This searches WorldCat, which includes books and e-books held by libraries around the globe. Use this option to find books that are perhaps too specialized to be found at Wheaton and other HELIN libraries or to search in other places when you can’t find anything relevant at all at Wheaton or the HELIN libraries. If you are looking for books in a foreign language, for example, or books that are brand new, this is probably your best option. You should also consider it if you are starting out on a general literature search and want to see what is available on your topic, without needing immediate access to it.

E-book Collections

In addition to print books, the Library also subscribes to collections of e-books. E-book titles can be found in the HELIN Library Catalog, or you can search by author, title or keyword within these collections:

Did you know?

It’s easy to request material that Wheaton or HELIN do not own from another institution using Interlibrary Loan.