We believe every student has the potential for excellence, and ensure this message is delivered to students as they begin their Wheaton career and after they graduate. We welcome them as scholars, and we send them off into the world as scholars.

To best support students’ pursuit of academic excellence, the Marshall Center provides individualized advising and support with a holistic approach that encompasses academic, personal and cultural development. We also offer¬†opportunities for students to make integral campus connections and build necessary college and life skills through talks and workshops with a variety of campus resources.¬† Our academic¬†collaborations include Filene Center for Academic and Career Services, the Center for Global Education, and the Office of the Registrar.

The center also utilizes faculty colleagues to familiarize students with the Wheaton curriculum and offer workshops on faculty expectations and other academically-focused topics.

Our academic program is intentionally flexible, with an emphasis on individual attention, distinct learning styles and meeting each student’s unique needs. We offer to students the choice of how and to what extent to participate in the various academic activities offered by the center. Students may choose to attend group gatherings, small workshops, meet with staff on an individual basis, or any combination of these options. Given our level of interaction with students in discussing academic and personal goals, as well as regular monitoring of their progress, we also act as liaison to campus resources and services.