Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

In our ongoing commitment to internationalize the curriculum and to develop new and unique international education experiences for our students, Wheaton faculty are encouraged to develop short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs. These programs typically run during the January break or the summer. Faculty are encouraged to follow closely the Faculty-led Proposal Guidelines in developing the proposal for such programs. Staff at the Center for Global Education are willing and available to assist in developing the program and the proposal. Interested faculty are expected to follow the three step process below as a means of securing approval for such programs.

Both preliminary and final applications are required for program evaluation by CGE and GAC regardless of whether a program has been approved and implemented in prior years.

Step 1: Preliminary Program Proposal

Please discuss your program proposal with your department chair before submitting this form.

JANUARY 30TH Submit a preliminary proposal with a brief description of your program. Use this “Intent to Propose a Faculty-led form to start the process. Please contact the Center for Global Education at with any questions about navigating the application system.

In order to support you and guide you in designing a successful program, the Center for Global Education and the Global Advisory Committee will host  a virtual meeting in early February for faculty interested in developing their preliminary proposal and submitting a complete proposal package.

Step 2: Final Program Proposal

MARCH 1ST Submit your final proposal. Faculty who have submitted a preliminary proposal will be sent a google form to respond to questions posed about their proposed program; and submit a syllabus (with learning outcomes and an intended itinerary) and a final budget.

The Center for Global Education (CGE) in collaboration with the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) will review all submitted proposals and all applicants will receive a decision on their programs status by April 1st. The CGE and GAC have an established rubric (pdf) used for evaluating all program proposals. In assessing program approval, they will strive to avoid program duplications of location or disciplinary field of study. Program selection is made by CGE taking into account advice from the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) on the quality of the submitted proposals, the number of proposals submitted, the disciplinary and geographic breadth of overall program offerings, and, when applicable, whether a program has been run in the preceding academic year. Preferably, programs are run biennially.. In issuing approvals, the CGE also considers budgetary factors and numbers of predicted students.

Step 3: Implementing the Program and Recruitment Process

A collaborative process of planning with the Center for Global Education is expected to begin when programs are approved. All faculty directors will schedule a meeting with Gretchen Young, Dean of the Center of Global Education, and maintain communication as programs are developed and implemented.

Guidance on the Evaluation and Selection of Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs 

Partner Organizations

We encourage you to use our partners as a resource.

Many of our partner organizations and institutions are eager to help you design and/or implement a short-term faculty-led study abroad program. They can be as involved as you want them to be.  Some providers have a staff dedicated to “customized” programs. Less risk, less hassle, more time to focus on the academics.

Emerson Grant Funding

The Center for Global Education wants all students to be able to participate in international academic experiences with faculty. Scholarships are made available from the Emerson fund to aid students with financial need who wish to attend January or summer overseas programs. Scholarships of up to $1500 are awarded to students with low, medium and high need.

Please contact the Center for Global Education at if you have any questions.