Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

In our ongoing commitment to internationalize the curriculum and to develop new and unique international education experiences for our students, Wheaton faculty are encouraged to develop short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs. These programs typically run during the January break or the summer. The Center for Global Education provides a great deal of support in organizing these programs. Interested faculty would be expected to prepare a proposal as a means of securing approval for such programs.

Faculty are encouraged to follow closely the Faculty-led Proposal Guidelines in developing the proposal for such programs. Staff at the Center for Global Education are willing and available to assist in developing the proposal, particularly in conceptualizing how the program could be managed within the constraints of the dates of travel as well as in developing the program budget.

Proposals for January and Summer 2023 programs must be submitted by April 1, 2022

Please contact the Center for Global Education at if you have any questions. Proposals must include educational objectives and outcomes; logistic and administrative details (e.g. sample itinerary); approval from your Department Chair and a self-sustaining budget (meaning that the number of students required to run the program must generate enough income to sustain the cost of the program including faculty stipend(s).)

Resubmission of Previously Approved Faculty-Led Programs

A completed proposal consists of several parts:

Please consult the Evaluation Rubric to ensure that you have met all expectations, programs which were approved prior to the creation of the Rubric, in 2018, will now be evaluated based on the Rubric.  

Partner Organizations

We encourage you to use our partners as a resource.

Many of our partner organizations and institutions are eager to help you design and/or implement a short-term faculty-led study abroad program. They can be as involved as you want them to be.  Some providers have a staff dedicated to “customized” programs. Less risk, less hassle, more time to focus on the academics.

Helpful Resources

Emerson Grant Funding

The Center for Global Education wants all students to be able to participate in international academic experiences with faculty. Scholarships are made available from the Emerson fund to aid students with financial need who wish to attend January or summer overseas programs. Scholarships of up to $1500 are awarded to students with low, medium and high need.