Think of your résumé as being a work in progress. Over time, you will want to update your résumé as you gain relevant skills and experiences. In addition to applying for a position, a résumé will also help you understand what skills you have and identify those you need to develop.

As you create or revise your résumé focus on the content areas below.


  • Include the institutions you’ve attended and graduation dates (we don’t recommend including your high school after you are a sophomore in college)
  • State your major and minor (or anticipated major/minor if not yet declared)
  • List the Honors/Awards that you have received upon entering and while at Wheaton
  • Include academic related skills such as languages and technology courses (include relevant courses, if applicable)


  • Include both paid and unpaid experiences
  • Begin by placing the most relevant and most recent experiences at the top
  • Highlight position, accomplishments and projects
  • Generally, include two to four bullets for each description.  Begin each phrase with an action verb and when possible follow the action verb with a result or an outcome. (action verb + subject + result or purpose)


  • Emphasize groups with which you have had on-going involvement
  • Highlight leadership roles including sports teams, clubs and/or volunteer experiences
  • Choose related or most recent experiences
  • Choose high school experiences only if they are related to the experience for which you are applying

Make sure your résumé is error free and grammatically correct. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

If you would like assistance in creating or revising a résumé, please contact 508-286-8215 to meet with a Peer Mentor before scheduling an appointment to fine-tune your resume with a Career Services Advisor.Need more room to market your skills?