• Reflect on your professional interests and identify 1-2 potential career paths.
  • Identify your skills, talents and preferred work environment and their applicability to your chosen paths
  • Compose at least three questions which will give you the information you need to determine which career path would be a good fit.  For example: What are your daily tasks and responsibilities? What is your weekly schedule? What do you find most rewarding about your job?


  • Be proactive. You need to initiate and orchestrate the conversation
  • Introduce yourself giving your first and last name as well as your major
  • Begin with comments or questions about the others person’s work that will lead to further discussion
  • Remember, you are building a connection and when you network, there is a potential relationship with that person’s circle of family, friends and past business contact
  • End the conversation with a request for a business card and permission to follow-up with any questions


  • Write thank you notes to each professional with whom you have had a conversation
  • Identify what you learned from your conversation with that person

Take advantage of opportunities to network right here at Wheaton!