As social media increases its role in how people communicate and interact with each other, it is crucial to know how to optimize your use of the most effective tools. These days you are only a click away from databases filled with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of jobs, professional opportunities, and scores of other career related information. You also have the advantage of interacting and messaging in real-time with recruiters and other professionals. This instant access has changed the landscape of how individuals can find opportunities within a number of different industries. Learn about the differences among various social media tools, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and how you can use these tools to professionally market yourself online.

LinkedIn is a social network which connects people on a professional level. LinkedIn is a great resource to network, research companies of interest, locate informational interview alumni contacts, and improve your personal brand. This network opens the door to over 70 million professionals around the globe, representing 150 industries.

Getting Started with LinkedIn:
• Join LinkedIn and fill out your profile.
• Reach out to past and current colleagues/students/friends and join the Wheaton College group.
• Meet with Career Services Staff to make the most out of your social media profile and networking connections.


Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging site that lets you send and read messages known as ‘tweets.’ You are limited to 140 characters with your tweets and you can either make tweets public or private. You ‘follow’ people or organizations and their tweets show up on your twitter homepage. Why is this so advantageous for students? If you are following companies and organizations in which you are interested in interning or working, you will have an automatic feed when they post a position. You can also interact with them by @replying.
Getting Started with Twitter:
• Join Twitter and follow @FileneCenter to begin receiving updates from the Filene Center’s Career Services Staff.
• Learn how to locate and follow organizations and people of interest by reviewing Twitter’s new users FAQ page


Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, relatives AND companies and professional organizations. More and more companies are turning to Facebook to ‘get the word out,’ whether that is an announcement on upcoming events, new products, or open job positions. One of the best things you can do as a student is to connect with groups and organizations that provide job postings as well as a way to network with others who share your interests.

Get Started with Facebook:
• “Like” the Career Services at The Filene Center page so you can get updates on events, job/internship opportunities, as well as, what other members of the Wheaton community are doing.
• Locate and “Like” organizations and companies that could help you in your career search.
• Network with professionals through a company’s Facebook page.RELATED RESOURCES:

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