Students are able to receive academic credit for internships – 0.5 academic credit is available for successful completion of qualifying summer internships and 0.25 academic credit is available for successful completion of qualifying winter or term-time internships. WIC credit will appear as a “Pass” notation in the student’s transcript, but will not count in the 32 credits required for graduation, nor will it be factored into a student’s GPA.

WIC Guidelines:
A Wheaton student is only eligible for WIC if:

  • The internship requires academic credit as a condition of the experience.
  • The internship sponsor is able to engage the student in the internship for a minimum of 60 hours for term-time or winter break and 240 hours for summer internships.
  • The student is a currently matriculated student (for international students, one academic year) who has completed at least one semester, but who has not yet graduated.

WIC Application Process:
To receive WIC, the student must submit to Career Services a Supervisor Offer Letter on company letterhead:

  1. outlining the internship position description
  2. detailing the name and contact information of the internship supervisor
  3. listing a set of agreed upon learning goals

Upon approval by the Career Services Office, a letter will be written to the sponsoring company/organization, granting permission from the College for the student to intern at the company and receive WIC.  The employer and the student must complete an evaluation form (available through the Career Services Office) at the conclusion of the internship and return it to the Career Services Office within 15 days of the last day of the internship.

The student must also complete the following evaluative work:

  • Learning Objectives Proposal
  • Two informational interviews with a professional (other than the student’s internship supervisor) in the student’s career field of interest and synopses of each
  • WIC Final Report
  • Participation in the Internship Showcase

When Career Services receives confirmation of successful internship completion from the employer, and confirms that the evaluative work is complete, documentation will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar who will then award the experience with a “Pass” notation.  If Career Services does not receive confirmation of successful internship completion from the employer, or if the student does not complete the evaluative work for the internship, a “Fail” notation will NOT appear in the student’s transcript; the student will simply not be awarded WIC credit.

Questions about WIC should be directed to Ben Chalot,