Wheaton’s Internship Showcase is a celebration of the broad array of experiences in which our students participate each summer. Routinely, Wheaton students intern on six continents: from Boston to Bangladesh, Istanbul to India, and Cape Cod to Cape Town, South Africa.

The Showcase provides students with an opportunity to share their meaningful experiences with the Wheaton community—students, faculty, staff and prospective students—so the entire campus can become more familiar with the range of internships and experiences in which our students participate.

These students, supported by Wheaton, engage in guided and independent research, develop important workplace competencies, and broaden their horizons. Internships and research contribute significantly to the transformative liberal arts education that Wheaton provides. By participating in these experiences, students connect their classroom education with their life beyond Wheaton.

Our two primary goals for the Showcase involve:

  1. Motivating participants to reflect upon and articulate what they learned about their field of endeavor and themselves through these experiences, and
  2. Prompting other students to begin planning for next summer.

2019 Internship Showcase