The Wheaton Edge Fellowship is available only to those students who:

  • are, according to the Registrar, a current sophomore or junior in good academic standing
  • are not a Balfour, Community, Regional, or Trustee Merit Scholar
  • have not received a major Wheaton summer fellowship*
  • secured a non-paid, non-credit-bearing summer experiential opportunity (internship, volunteer position, research position)
  • completed the requisite Wheaton¬†Edge Career Readiness Program to help you better prepare for and get the most out of, a summer experience.

Eligible Students: Access the CareerPath platform here using your insideWheaton login credentials.

We are committed to helping you secure a paid summer experience during your participation in the Wheaton Edge Career Readiness program. If you do not secure a paid experience or find that an unpaid experience at a non-profit organization is a better fit, you will be eligible to access the Wheaton Edge Fellowship.

*Wheaton-related funding includes Merit Scholar Stipends (Balfour, Trustee, and Community), Davis International Fellowships, Porter Cleveland Fellowships, Mars Faculty-Student Research Grants, MassChallenge Summer Fellowship, and/or paid summer internship or job secured through a Wheaton Career Partner. New funding opportunities are being made available every year. Check with Career Services for the most up-to-date list.

To access the Wheaton Edge Fellowship

You are invited to submit proposals to fund unpaid domestic or international non-credit bearing internships, service/volunteer experiences or guided or structured independent research. You can design and initiate your own assignments and contacts, either independently or through established organizations. Students also may seek suggestions and guidance from faculty and staff. Recipients receive a fellowship between $2,000 and $3,000 to support an unpaid summer internship, volunteer, or research experience of at least 160 hours. The stipend received is prorated based on the following hour ranges, and those hours are determined by the supervisor offer letter (below):

160 – 199 hours = $2,000
200 – 239 hours = $2,500
240+ hours = $3,000

Please complete the Wheaton Edge Fellowship Access Form below once all steps of the Career Readiness Program have been completed and approved.

Deadline for submitting the Wheaton Edge Fellowship Access Form is June 1st, 2020. No late paperwork will be accepted. 

Required Paperwork and Forms

After completing the Wheaton Edge Fellowship Access Form, submit that milestone for approval in Career Path Mobile. Once this is complete, your application will be processed.

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