When can my student access his/her merit scholar stipend?

Your student is eligible to access his/her merit scholar stipend in the summer after their sophomore or junior year, provided that he/she continues to meet the program requirements.

What are the requirements for my student to access his/her stipend?

Your student must meet with the Stipend Coordinator to review and complete necessary paperwork. Your student must have a GPA of 3.0 when applying for the scholar stipend, be in good academic and social standing and sign an agreement that he/she is returning to Wheaton as a student the semester following the experience. In addition, your student is required to attend a pre-departure orientation prior to leaving campus in May.

For what can the stipend be used?

The merit scholar stipend can be applied to a range of non-credit bearing, unpaid out-of-class learning experiences including internships, research, student-faculty collaborations, professional development activities and community service endeavors. NOTE: Students may not use their stipend to travel to any country presently on the U.S. State Department Government Warning List.

What if my student needs help exploring his/her out-of-class learning experience options?

The staff at the Filene Center is eager to talk with your student about his/her options for out-of-class learning experiences. Direct your student to phone us at 508-286-8215 to arrange a time to meet with one of the advisors.

Does my student have the option of applying for other funds to combine with his/her Merit Scholar Stipend?

Your student must use their merit scholar stipend before he/she can be considered for other summer funding offered by Wheaton.

How many hours does my student have to work at his/her site?

At least 240 hours must be worked in order for your student to receive his/her stipend. This requirement can be fulfilled in 4 -12 weeks depending on his/her work schedule. Also, students have the option of working at multiple sites in order to complete 240 hours.

How does my student learn that he/she can access the stipend?

Your student is informed in a letter (sent to his/her Wheaton mailbox) and by email (sent to his/her Wheaton email account) about the process involved in accessing his/her merit scholar stipend.

When will my student get paid?

If your student meets the April 23rd paperwork deadline, he/she will receive a direct deposit during the first week of June. Paperwork received after that date, but before June 30th, will need to be reviewed with the Stipend Coordinator -your student will receive his/her stipend later than the first week of June if this is the case.

How can I help my student?

We hope that you join us in reminding your student to take advantage of this great opportunity. Additionally, please encourage your student to meet with an advisor at the Filene Center for Academic Advising & Career Services to help explore and secure an out-of-class learning experience.

Further questions?

Please contact Barbara Carnevale, Assistant Director of Career Services, by phone: 508-286-8215 or email: carnevale_barbara@wheatoncollege.edu.