Self-exploration is essential in uncovering and reaching your academic and career goals. By knowing yourself, you can ensure that your decisions are based on your own talents, skills, interests, and values; and not someone else’s ideas of who or what you are.

There are 3 essential aspects you need to know about yourself:

  • Your talents and skills
  • Your interests
  • Your values

Knowing your Talents and Skills

You often have talents or skills that you excel at and may even bring you recognition; however, not all of them qualify as your natural talents or skills.

It is most likely a natural talent or skill if you:

  • do or learn it with little or no effort;
  • have a strong yearning to know more about it;
  • feel thoroughly engaged, unaware of the passing of time when you do it;
  • feel great joy and satisfaction when you do it.

It is not most likely a natural talent or skill if you:

  • think you should do it;
  • are good at it but don’t enjoy it;
  • can’t wait for it to be over;
  • don’t seem to be getting any better at it.

To identify your talents and skills, we recommend SkillScan.

Knowing your Interests

Knowing what your interests are can help you make decisions about your academic goals, co-curricular activities, and career planning.

To learn more about your interests consider taking one of the recommended tests and then make an appointment with an Advisor to discuss the results and your next steps.

Knowing your Values

Discovering and understanding your values enables you to determine what is important to you in a job, career, and workplace. Visit the Filene Center to complete a values worksheet and reflect on what you learn about yourself with a Career Advisor.  Call 508-286-8215 to schedule an appointment.