Review the tools we recommend and consider choosing one to complete. Please be advised that your results will not provide you with a magic answer, but your results might confirm what you  already know or even open your eyes to something new. Always share your results with a Filene Center Career Services Advisor to gain further input and ideas.

MAPP is an online assessment tool designed to help you to learn more about your strengths and ‘what makes you tick.’ We recommend that you purchase either the Starter Package or the Career Seeker Package.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II is designed to help you learn about your “Character Type” and your fit with various kinds of work settings and careers. We recommend that you purchase the Career Temperament Report.

SkillScan online is designed to help you sort your skills by competence and preference, while also having you prioritize your strengths by skill categories. We recommend that you purchase a single online version.