Please read the following information and submit the required form below if you are requesting accommodations for a selected semester. Your submission indicates that you have read and understand the process and that you give Accessibility Services permission to communicate with faculty and college staff as needed to best serve you.

Letters are effective for one semester only. Please note that incomplete requests will not be processed.

Upon receipt of this form, an Accommodation Letter will be developed and made available to you in a timely manner via your Wheaton email.

Please present your Accommodation Letter to your professors as early in the semester as possible; some faculty request the Accommodation Letter within the first two weeks of classes. Please keep in mind that accommodations are not retroactive and are in effect only upon submission of the Letter and discussion of the accommodations with your instructor(s). It is highly recommended that you make an appointment with each instructor during his/her office hours to review the letter and determine how each accommodation will be implemented.

Your instructors need advance notice of any request to use an accommodation. For example, some instructors may require 5 or more business days notice when requesting extended time on an exam or a distraction reduced location. Please keep in mind that instructors need to coordinate some accommodations and this may take some time. Notifying a faculty member at the last minute may interfere with their ability to provide a particular accommodation.

Please pay special attention to your final exam accommodations. Because the time frames differ from the regular class schedule, professors need significant advance time to make arrangements.

If your faculty opt for a self-scheduled final exam, you will receive a Self-Scheduled Final Exam Accommodation Request Form in your email several weeks before the end of classes. This Form is geared to your specific self-scheduled final exam and must be submitted if you wish to use your accommodations.

It is your responsibility to monitor the effectiveness of your accommodations and to immediately notify Autumn Grant, Associate Director for Accessibility, if you have any concerns about the provision of accommodations or if your needs change. Changes to your accommodation letter may be requested at any point in the semester by making an appointment with Autumn Grant. Additional documentation may be requested to support any new accommodation requests.

Submission of this form ensures that you understand the  accommodation process and time lines for faculty notification and gives Accessibility Services permission to communicate with Wheaton faculty and staff as needed to serve you in providing accommodations and other relevant college services.

Accommodation Request Form

Note: To access this Google Form, you’ll need to provide your Wheaton wID and email password.