Sophomore Peer Mentors offer workshops on internships, deciding on a major, studying abroad and just about everything that is part of your Sophomore Year!

Tips from your peers and how they took action to make decisions towards achieving these important goals:

The only limits are those you set yourself.  Establish connections and stay in touch with employers.

– Jeff Sanborn


Take advantage of Wheaton’s summer funding & opportunities! My most rewarding experiences thus far at Wheaton have happened over the summer. Apply yourself on campus, apply for summer opportunities, and smile!

-Wilson Sadowski


Utilize the connections you have already made on campus. I was able to get an internship last summer by having coffee with a guest lecturer on campus who is the executive director of a nonprofit!

– Kate Gannon


Don’t treat internships as tasks you want to get done with since there is pressure to  grow up. Have fun, be creative, make sure you like what you do and everything else will follow.

– Avi Anshika