Elizabeth Bernardy ’20

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Bernardy and my major is early childhood education and minoring in psychology. I’m at Wheaton because of the opportunity for small classes. I think this allows for a closer relationship with professors which leads to higher engagement in class. Getting to learn in a classroom with professors who you know and who knows you with your supportive peers is the best!! Wheaton has allowed me to concentrate on my academics while also participating in sports. Besides my academics, I am a member of the swimming and diving team as well as the track and field team. I connected with many peers in both of my majors as well as the professors. I am also connected to my coaches and many others in the athletics department. As a mentor, I can offer you help with balancing academics with extracurricular activities whether it be a sport(s) or club(s). Learning time management and also learning how to find a balance between your commitments will allow you to get the best Wheaton experience. I am a double major so I understand how hard it can be to fit all your classes into your time at Wheaton.