FAQ’s for Wheaton College Graduate Fellowships

What are the specific Requirements to apply?

  • Application
  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • 2 recommendations
  • Personal Statement

Do I need to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa to apply for one of the three Phi Beta Kappa Scholarships?
No. These scholarships are available to nonmembers. Consult the instructions for each award to determine your eligibility. The Committee on Academic Standing will forward completed applications to the Phi Beta Kappa Committee for the Encouragement of Scholarship. The Committee, comprised of Wheaton faculty, shall determine the scholarship winners

Is there a specific GPA I need in order to apply?
No, but – as your transcript is one of the items that supports your application – the stronger your academic record, the better.

Should I already be enrolled in a graduate program when I apply?
Not necessary. However, you must be starting your program by September of the year in which you apply for a fellowship.

I will be starting the last year of my graduate program. Am I eligible to apply for a fellowship?
Yes, you can apply at any point while you are in graduate school.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?
It is always best to have faculty members who know you and your work best. This can be professors from Wheaton, or if you are currently a graduate student, a professor from your graduate program.

One of my professors would like to email the letter of recommendation Is that O.K.?
Yes, they may e-mail advising@wheatoncollege.edu

Would it help my case if I were to submit more than three letters of recommendation, or other information that wasn’t requested?
No. We believe that the information requested for the application is sufficient.

Will I need to submit a transcript?
Yes. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Can I check whether my transcript was received?
Yes, e-mail advising@wheatoncollege.edu

Can I re-use transcripts from last year’s application?

How will my application be reviewed?
Your application is reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standing. The committee is composed of faculty members and administrators.In addition, applications for any of the three Phi Beta Kappa scholarships are reviewed by the Wheaton Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Committee which is comprised of faculty and staff members.

What notification will I receive about the status of my application?
Graduates will be notified by email and seniors will be notified at Honors Convocation. Winners (and alternates) of the Phi Beta Kappa Scholarships will be notified immediately by email, and then by mail.

When will I be notified of the decision?
Graduates will be notified by email two weeks after decision and seniors will be awarded at Honors Convocation.

If I receive a fellowship, how will my funds be distributed?
You receive the funds once you have supplied documentation that you have been accepted into the graduate program of your choice. This documentation is to be sent to the attention of Academic Advising. In the case of the three Phi Beta Kappa scholarships, instructions will be included in the award letter.

I have another source of income (e.g; another fellowship, RA, TA, part-time employment). Must I give it up if I am offered a Wheaton fellowship?

I am having problems understanding the application, Can someone help me?
E-mail advising@wheatoncollege.edu

I cannot find my question on the list. Where do I go next for an answer?
E-mail advising@wheatoncollege.edu

Do I have resources available to assist in proposal writing?
Contact Writing Tutors and Writing Associates in the Wheaton library

May I defer the award if I decide to go to graduate school at a later date?
No, you must use the award by September of the year it is granted. If you decide not to attend graduate school then, you may reapply at a later date.

How many pages should my personal statement be?
It should be no more than 3 pages, double-spaced, Times Roman Font, 12 pt.