Wheaton’s Mindfulness For Students page has officially launched! This website was created by Caity Vomastek and Raffi Sweet (both class of 2012) as an ongoing research study led by Professor Mary Lee Griffin involving the use of mindfulness and its potential benefits in improving attention, focus, self-regulation and academic performance, particularly students’ reading and writing performance. Mindfulness involves paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, alert and aware of the present moment, non-judgmentally. Being present in the moment, or mindfulness, refers to both a trait that may be, in part, biologically determined, and also a state that is developed and practiced. Both types of mindfulness involve a consciousness, or present moment alertness with a stance of open curiosity, or non-judgmental awareness.

Common mindful practices that we have studied include breathing exercises, body awareness activities, guided visualizations, meditation, and yoga. This website represents our final project for a spring, 2011 independent study in educational research. We created it as a resource of “mindfulness activities for college students by college students.” This is only the beginning, and we hope the site will continue to expand and grow in the years ahead.

We encourage you to try out the practices we have recorded. We hope you find them beneficial as a study break or a few minutes of peaceful relaxation. Get comfortable, tune in and breathe! You can access this resource in two ways:

1) A Facebook page that can be accessed by anyone who has a Facebook account–includes a background of our study, an open discussion board and a link to our meditation techniques (SoundCloud)

2) A SoundCloud page that can be accessed and utilized by ANYONE! At present, contains six meditations recorded by Caity and Raffi.

Contemplative Studies Initiative